Here at Skindividuality, I use natural skincare products wherever possible, to the extent that where natural options weren’t available, I developed my own! But, if you’ve never paid much attention to the ingredients list on your favourite lotions and cleansers, you’re probably wondering what the fuss is all about. Are natural skincare products really better than the alternative? Surely nothing found in nature can be as powerful as what’s formulated in a lab? 


Here are just a few of the reasons I recommend natural skin care products to my clients:


Natural ingredients are less reactive.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because it comes from nature certainly doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin, but on the whole, the natural ingredients used in skincare are much gentler than chemical alternatives. Many of the chemicals used in skincare can aggravate existing skin problems or even create new issues, resulting in long term damage.


Natural ingredients are easily identified.

If you know you have skin sensitivity to a particular natural ingredient, it’s easy to spot it in the ingredients list and avoid it. Synthetic and manufactured ingredients are much more difficult to decode. Just take a look at the ingredients list on your conditioner and see how many ingredients you can identify!


Natural skincare is kinder.

The vast majority of natural skincare brands take an ethical stance of not testing their products on animals. In fact, with natural products, there is much less need for testing as the ingredients’ properties are already known, unlike chemical concentrations which have been created in a lab environment. Across the board, the companies who focus on natural ingredients also prioritise kinder ethical and manufacturing practices.


Natural ingredients have worked for centuries.

From aloe vera to beeswax, many of Mother Nature’s ingredients have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In fact, records of clay being used for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties date back to over 4500 years ago! In a time long before synthetic ingredients, people identified which natural ingredients were best used for certain ailments, so why not carry that wisdom on?


With so many great reasons to use natural ingredients in your skincare routine, why settle for second best? Speak to me about your skin care goals and I can recommend natural products to suit your needs.